Here’s a new mantra to live by: Simplify

I’ve seen this countless times and it still gets to me how people tend to over engineer pretty much everything. One reason, even if many do not admit to is that, by doing something that looks more difficult, will make people look more valuable to others. How many times you’ve spend time doing something that looks easy (but it’s really not) and someone looks at it and doesn’t pay any attention to it?

Or think of how many times you’ve used convoluted software that just frustrated you? While working in IT, I’ve seen a pattern emerging that baffles me. Managers, when presented with simple and clean software, usually tend to assume that doesn’t have any features, and therefore not worth the investment or is not professional oriented. Also, people tend to come up with very complex looking schema to present something (sometimes very simple) to look professional and valuable individuals. This is done, most of the times without people even realizing that they are doing it. In their mind people think, again without realizing it, “if it looks simple anyone could have done it”.

But this is inherently a wrong perspective to do things and to think. People get annoyed with me when I see complex schema and say “That’s too complex. I am sure that there is an easier solution”. And most of the times there is! Trust me, there is!

Easy and clean proposals have easier and cleaner implementations and, best of all, have easier foreseeable better results. I know I’ve quoted these companies before, but think about Apple and Google. How do you think Apple became the most valuable company in the word? By delivering extremely clean and solutions. Look at Google’s home page. It would not be simpler A text box and two buttons. And no one can deny that Google is an extremely powerful tool.

So, if you are doing something and it looks complicated (even if it’s complex) think the following. “Can I make this simpler?”. And remember that, if it looks complicated or convoluted is because it probably is.

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